017 - Hand-crafted Sterling Eco Silver Ring 'Wrap' style. Made to any size upon order. Personalizations welcome - please ask


Shipping to United States: $4.72

Hand-crafted Sterling Eco Silver Ring 'Wrap' style.
*All of my rings are handcrafted, totally unique and can be made for any size upon order.
I love to collaborate and work with customers so that we can produce something personal and precious.

I wanted to produce a simple ring that is crafted from 'one piece' of solid silver to reflect the 'one' best friendship you have that is endless.
This ring is solid silver D shaped wire - so when crafted, the 'flat' area sits on the skin making a comfortable fit.

In developing the idea I decided to use only the piece of silver without adding, fixing or soldering - only hammering, cutting and texturising.

The solid silver is cut, shaped and hand moulded into the endless shape.

Please email shinyustudio [!at] gmail.com with any requests or ideas so we can work together.

This ring is made of:

100% solid Eco Sterling Silver

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