Mosaic Wedgwood Mannequin Sculpture.


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Original High Couture Mosaic Art.
Recycled Wedgwood sculpture using repurposed Jasperware Wedgwood in the UK.
This is recreating, repurposing and rethinking at a very high level.

This sculpture uses salvaged Jasperware Wedgwood from the UK to produce a sculpture that embraces the beauty of women alongside the beauty of history. The Chinese Cheong Sam design aswell as the Jasperware Wedgwood from the UK are both steeped in history in their own countries and together I want them to reflect the future of our world - together as one.

I was also influenced by the work of the Impressionists in the way that you get a completely different look, feel and vision of the piece when you are either up close or far away from the object. The broken pieces are sharp as knives which is a conscious decision that is juxtaposed against the soft and curvaceous female form.

The title 'BBC - Beautiful British China' is also a conscious statement on the past history of the 2 countries aswell the history of the Wedgwood porcelain [or china]. Hopefully one day there can be a beautiful coming together of the 2 countries that are reflected in this work.

All of my work is based on the ethos of 'recycle, repurpose and redesign with eco friendly in mind' so that we are exploring art in an eco friendly and sustainable manner.

These are the perfect gift for anyone who has everything - because they will not have this I assure you.
As each piece is unique they are also wonderful centre pieces for Events, Hotels or Shops.

The effect is an astonishing piece of artwork that will have everybody talking.
All of my work is based on the ethos of 'recycle, repurpose and redesign with eco friendly in mind.'

The lower dress is removable so the piece can be used with or without it.
These can also be hired for events if you don't want to purchase one.

These are one off pieces that are unique and I detailed like no other mosaic artwork on the market.

Each piece takes between 4-6 weeks to make and commissions are welcome.
For commissions I can collaborate with you on the piece and can produce them in any style, colours or materials.

email shinyustudio [!at] for further information.

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